Honda Motorcycle CB Shine

Honda CB Shine

Powered by Honda’s revolutionary ‘Optimax’ & ‘Ergo tec’ technologies, the CB Shine leaves a shining presence on the road with its superior performance, just like its riders, who always leave a positive impact on everyone they meet. The new CB Shine now has new styling elements such as the chrome cover for the muffler, as well as for the carburetor. ‘Automatic Headlamp On’ (AHO) and HET with Bharat Stage IV norms are also followed to keep you ahead of the rest. CB Shine is powered by a newly developed 125cc ‘Optimax’ engine, which maintains Optimum input for maximum output and incorporates cutting edge technologies to deliver best balance of mileage and pickup. Due to its cutting edge Honda technologies, the 125cc ‘Optimax’ engine delivers class leading 10.16 BHP which enables CB Shine to deliver the best balance of pickup and mileage. CB Shine’s ‘Ergo Tec’ design with lightweight advances diamond frame and double suspension offers superior absorption of shocks & vibrations, thus providing excellent ride comfort & stability. Riding position based on human engineering ensures less fatigue and firm & wide seating space with comfortable seating posture for pillion rider.

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